Joe Cigar

Joe Cigar

Monday, October 13, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again: NorWesCon 38

Aaaaand, just like that, I'm back.

Thanks to Tinker Pearce for hooking me up as a panelist at NorWesCon 38 next year, 2-5 April 2015.

I'll be appearing on the "Military Track" panels as a subject matter expert in special operations capabilities and asymmetric warfare.

I'll be there along with some other folks who know a thing or two about fantasy and SF.

This should be a blast. I just got the word yesterday, and I've put in for leave already. I might be a little jet-lagged. 

Tell your friends. Hell, tell my friends.  I'll see you there. 

Looks like I've got some writing to do.