Joe Cigar

Joe Cigar

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Holy crap, it's October already.

So I got a little off-track. I'm in the Army Reserve, in a unit with a high operational tempo, and things got a bit out of hand recently.

To see what else I've been up to, you can check out my chapter in "The Syria Policy Playbook," available through, if you're into the whole esoteric-geostrategic-implications-of-current-events thing. And if you are so much of a nerd that you read both international diplomacy texts and high fantasy, shoot me a PM because we'll get along great.

I had to put the final rewrite of Dragon's Trail on the shelf. Again. Because, paying the bills. Also, the Army. I took out about the last quarter of the novel. Again. I'm really not happy with my endings, I think primarily because it's a series and I'm not sure where the break should be. I'm at about 90,000 words and I could really end this sucker anywhere at this point. So I'm taking another look at the story arc this week and I'll see what happens.

The other thing -- and you're probably reading this right now because of this, so maybe it's redundant -- is that the owner of Mythic Scribes has hired me to write a series called "The Why Of Weapons," on their site. My first post, on the Oakeshott Type XIIIa gran espee de guerre, should be up in January. I post on their forums regularly under the username "Malik." There's some good stuff over there. Go check it out.

Okay. More later. I promise.

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